When is The Right Time To Replace My AC in Santa Rosa?

Just as important as knowing how to maintain your AC, is knowing when the right time is to replace it. The best time of year to replace your AC is during cooler seasons like spring, winter, or fall, so you aren’t affected by the hot summer months. Typically, if your system is older than around 15-20 years old, it is best to get your system replaced. Old age can lead to efficiency problems, and more! If you also find yourself constantly doing repairs on it, it is likely going to save you more time and money to get it replaced.

How Much Does AC Installation & Replacement Cost?

The biggest cost factors are home size and your choice of efficiency (SEER) Rating. It isn’t always in your best interest to purchase the highest SEER unit possible based on your home and budget – we will give the right suggestion based on your budget and home factors. The age and structure of your duct system can also be a major factor. Leaky ducts can mitigate any energy efficiency gained with a new unit.

How Does AC Replacement Affect My Home’s Indoor Air Quality?

Replacing your AC can have a very positive effect on your home’s indoor air quality! The older the system, the more dust and debris can build up within your system. This will then be circulated throughout the home. More modern systems come with better filtration that prevents that dust and debris from being circulated throughout the home.

Will Replacing My AC Increase the Value of My Home?

Replacing your AC can be a great way to increase the value of your home! If you are looking to sell your home, adding a new furnace or heater is a very attractive feature to potential homebuyers. It gives them assurance of reliable, efficient cooling, and great indoor air quality!

The Same Day Way For AC Installation and Replacement

You and your family’s satisfaction are number one to Same Day. That’s why we aim to install or replace your AC unit quickly AND efficiently. We will analyze your current usage patterns and SEER rating to determine the right investment for your home and budget. We install central AC units, ductless split systems, and wall units. We always offer FREE estimates and second opinions. Want an idea of how much a new central air unit will save you? Check out our BTU calculator!

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Erick was able to run a diagnostic on our system and confirm that nothing was wrong. He made some recommendations for maintenance to keep things running smoothly as well. Truly great customer service!

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These guys were quick, professional, and they offer an amazing financing plan that will help you with your HVAC needs! Jamie and his team cleaned up afterwards too!

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The company itself has been great about calling to schedule the regular appointments included with my maintenance plan. I appreciate this so much. I highly recommend Same Day Plumbing, Heating, Cooling.


The Same Day Guarantee For AC Your AC Installation & Replacement

Quality AC Service Before & After The Install

After your AC installation, we perform a mandatory quality check within 48 hours afterward. We determine which model is right for you based on your home size, type and usage patterns. Because you need more than a technician. You need expertise you can trust.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to make sure we’ve done everything right. Even though we offer a 24-month warranty, we schedule a complimentary tune-up four months after installation. We’ll also purchase the manufacturer’s warranty on behalf of our customers for additional coverage and flexibility.

What Are Some Common Signs My Home AC Needs Replaced?

Some of the things to watch for aside from obvious signs such as your house being cooled insufficiently include frequent and costly repairs, recurring issues that require professional service, rattling noises, surging energy bills and more. These are all similar signs of needing repair, but they occur much more frequently.

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Why Choose Same Day Plumbing, Heating, Cooling for AC Installation and Replacement?

Family-owned Same Day Heating and Cooling offers fast, reliable central air installation and replacement in North Bay, California at a price you can afford. Our promise to you is always that if we do not fix your system the SAME DAY we arrive, you don’t pay the service fee. Our home service experts are licensed and insured with more than 100 years of staff experience. Additionally, we pack all of our repair, installation, and replacement services with a 24-month, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us. And see why we’re different.