Is a Heat Pump Right For My Santa Rosa Area Home?

In determining if a heat pump is right for your home, it is best to ask yourself a few questions. Do I need heating and cooling throughout the year? Do I live in a moderate enough climate that doesn’t regularly drop below freezing? If you answered yes to these, then a heat pump is probably right for you.

How Much Does Heat Pump Installation Cost?

The biggest cost factors will be size and capacity of the heat pump, complexity of the installation process, and regional cost of labor. It is also important to keep in mind that the installation of a heat pump can result in increased savings through more energy efficient models. This is due to the heat pump’s reduced energy consumption.

How Does A Heat Pump Differ From Other Heating Systems?

A heat pump differs from other heating options such as traditional furnaces through the way that it generates heat. While a furnace generates heat by burning fuel, a heat pump transfers heat from one area to another. It extracts heat from the outside air or ground and brings it inside to heat your home.

How Will Heat Pump Installation Affect My Energy Bills?

Replacing your heater can be a great way to lower your energy bills! Through their high energy efficiency and extraction of heat from outdoors in, you can expect reduced energy bills each month after installation!

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I recently had Same Day replace my old heat pump, and I am thrilled with the new installation! Same Days' team of experts who handled the installation were professional, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. They carefully assessed my home's needs and recommended the perfect heat pump for optimal energy efficiency.

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They helped me through the entire process, and ensured that I was buying the right heat pump for my needs. The new heat pump has exceeded my expectations, providing reliable and efficient heating and cooling.

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Since the installation, my home has been consistently comfortable, and I have noticed great savings on my energy bills! I am extremely satisfied with Same Day's installation process and would confidently recommend their services to anyone in need of a heat pump replacement!


The Same Day Guarantee For Heat Pump Replacement

Mandatory Quality Checks

You need more than a technician. You need expertise you can trust. That’s why we determine which model is right for you based on your home size, type and usage patterns. After the installation, we perform a mandatory quality check within 48 hours after the installation.

Get A Complimentary Tune-Up

We need to get it right. Even though we offer a 24-month satisfaction guarantee, we schedule a complimentary tune-up four months after installation. We’ll also purchase the heater manufacturer’s warranty on behalf of our customers for additional coverage and flexibility.

What Are Some Common Signs My Home Heat Pump Needs Replaced?

Some of the things to watch for aside from obvious signs such as your house being heated insufficiently include frequent and costly repairs, recurring issues that require professional service, system exceeding 10-15 year lifespan, rising energy bills, reduced comfort levels, and more.

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Family-owned Same Day Heating and Cooling offers fast, reliable heat pump installation and replacement service in Santa Rosa at a price you can afford. Our promise is always that if we can not fix your system the SAME DAY we arrive, you don’t pay the service fee. Our home service experts are licensed and insured with more than 100 years of staff experience. Additionally, we pack all of our repair, installation, and replacement services with a 24-month, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us. And see why we’re different.