What Are Some Regulations To Cleaning Grease Traps?

Depending on your location, different jurisdictions have a wide variety of different rules and regulations when it comes to cleaning your grease traps.

Frequency of Cleaning. This is determined by the size and volume of grease as mentioned above. Some areas may have rules in how often

Disposal of Grease. Clogs in your plumbing system cause back ups in your pipes, leading to low water pressure and potentially burst pipes. That is why it is important to properly dispose of grease. Most jurisdictions will place an emphasis on disposing of grease in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Failure to comply with these rules can result in financial penalties, punitive measures, and more.

How To Clean A Grease Trap

It is important to have a professional clean your grease trap to ensure it is done properly and to ensure proper disposal of the grease.

The process of cleaning a grease trap involves a professional first taking apart the system, removing the cover, and then removing all of the grease and debris trapped in there.

Next, the trap gets a more thorough cleaning where the excess grease may be scraped off of the device. A professional may also use high-pressure water jets to get a deeper clean.

Finally, the trap is put back together and is ready to keep doing its job of keeping grease and debris out of your sewage system.

Overall, it is important to have your grease trap cleaned semi-frequently to ensure it is running properly and efficiently.

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FAQ About North Bay Grease Trap Cleanings

What is a grease trap and why should I clean it?

A grease trap is a plumbing device in your kitchen which is designed to trap oils, grease, and fats from wastewater before it can enter the municipal sewer system. It is important to clean this device because it can become clogged with solidified grease, oils, and other debris. This can lead to sewer backups and other costly issues.

How often should I clean my grease trap?

While there are a number of factors that go into how often you should clean your grease trap, the main ones are size and frequency of use. Essentially, the amount of times you should clean your trap depends on how deep of a device you have, and the volume of grease that you are producing. Generally, it is suggested that you clean the system every 1 to 3 months.

Can I pour hot water or chemicals down the drain instead of cleaning the grease trap?

While hot water can help temporarily, it is not a replacement for regular grease trap cleanings. Chemicals, on the other hand, are very bad for the environment and should not be used in place of a grease trap cleaning. They also may not effectively fix the root issue that you are having. It is recommended that you clean your grease trap whenever it may become full.

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