What Are The Steps Involved in Drain Snaking?

After assessing your needs and selecting what type of drain snake your system needs, your plumber will likely take the following steps to solve your drainage issues.

Insertion/Activation. Your plumber will carefully insert the drain snake into the drain and activate the rotating blades. This should begin the process of clearing out any blockages.

Withdrawal/Flow Restoration. After a set amount of time, the plumber will remove the drain snake from the system. In doing so, the flow of water through the drain will begin again.

Post Snaking Inspection. Finally, your plumber will conduct a post snaking inspection to ensure that the obstruction has been completely removed.

What Are The Steps Involved in Hydro Jetting?

Similar to drain snaking, a plumber will assess your plumbing system’s needs and then select the proper type of nozzle that will need to be attached to the hose.

Water Injection/Adjustment. A stream of high-pressure water will begin to flow into your pipes, breaking up the debris. As the process continues on, the plumber will adjust the speed and pressure of the water to ensure all of the debris is removed.

Withdrawal. The hose is slowly removed from the system after a set amount of time. This allows the water to flush away all of the debris that was in your system.

Post Hydro Jetting Inspection. Again, similarly to the drain snaking, a plumber will conduct a post hydro jetting inspection to ensure all the obstructions have been removed.

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Has your North Bay home been experiencing slow draining water or odd odors from your drain? Don’t let a major blockage or burst pipe become an issue. Drain snaking or hydro jetting services can help fix and prevent these large plumbing system blockages and issues. They can help make your plumbing system last longer. Call Same Day today to get started on a your home’s journey to longer lasting pipes.

FAQ About North Bay Drain Snaking & Hydro Jetting

What is Drain Snaking?

Drain snaking is a plumbing service that involves using a long, flexible cable. A plumber will insert this cable into a drain and allow its rotating blades/hooks to break up any blockages. It is typically used for routine maintenance and minor blockages in plumbing systems. It is very effective at clearing clogs caused by hair, soap scum, grease, and small objects.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Similar to drain snaking, hydro jetting is effective for removing minor blockages, but also can be effective at removing major blockages and cleaning the interior walls of your pipes. It involves using a high-pressure stream of water to clean and clear your blockages. It can remove grease, mineral deposits, tree roots, and other stubborn clogs.

Can Drain Snaking or Hydro Jetting Damage Pipes?

The short answer is no! When performed by a trained professional neither drain snaking or hydro jetting are harmful to your pipes. The only time when you may want to be cautious is if you have older, fragile pipes. Your plumber will inspect the pipes ahead of time to ensure they will be able to withstand one of these two procedures.

Why Choose Same Day For A Drain Snaking or Hydro Jetting?

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