How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Wall Unit

Do you have a wall-mounted AC unit in your home? No matter what kind of AC system you have, it is important to keep your system clean and free of any obstructions. Doing so will help improve indoor air quality and keep you breathing easy around your home! You may be wondering, however, what you need and how you should clean your air conditioner wall unit. That’s where we come in!

Read through our guide below and learn from the experts at Same Day Plumbing, Heating, Cooling!

What You Will Need to Clean Your Wall Unit

To begin cleaning your wall AC unit, you will first need to know what materials you should use. Make sure you have the following list of items handy when you go in to clean your unit.

  • All-Purpose Cleaning Spray
  • Coil Cleaner
  • Water
  • A Cloth
  • Shop Vac with Hose
  • A Soft Brush

With these in hand, you will be ready to take the first step toward cleaning your wall unit air conditioner. So, what does that process look like? We have laid it out for you below, and it is not as arduous as it may seem.

Cleaning Your Wall Unit AC: A Step by Step Guide

Before doing anything, be sure to first turn off your air conditioner unit.

Cleaning your wall unit air conditioner is really as simple as cleaning your car. Just a matter of wiping things down and clearing out any excess dust or debris. First, you will need to spray down the outside of the unit, as well as the filters, cover, and blower wheel with all-purpose cleaning spray. Take these out before attempting to clean them. Wipe all of those down with your damp cloth and then move onto the coils. You should insert a cleaning cover and then use your coil cleaner to wipe down the coils, rinse with water, and brush them out with your soft brush. Next, remove the cleaning cover and bring in your shop vac. Attach a hose to it and vacuum out any dust or debris that may still be in there.

After you have done all of this, be sure to wipe any damp or wet areas that remain with a clean cloth. Reinstall your filters, blower wheel, and anything else you may have taken out of the unit, and you are good to go! Be sure to test that your air conditioner is running properly.

Overall, a clean air conditioner wall unit is an important step in the maintenance and upkeep of your system. If you feel like you may need help with cleaning your system, be sure to give Same Day Plumbing, Heating, Cooling a call. Our experts are happy to help with any questions you may have and can give you more tips on cleaning your system.

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