Five Reasons You Should Install a Smart Thermostat

Do you know that feeling when you’re lying in bed and just can’t get comfortable because you are so hot? You want to go crank the air conditioning, but you’re too tired to walk downstairs and turn it on. Don’t you wish there was a way that you could just magically cool your house from bed?

With installation of a smart thermostat, there is a way! In fact, WiFi-enabled thermostats benefit the user in many ways.

Benefit Number 1: They make life easier.

With the great technology that is offered today, homes have become much easier to control. Smart thermostats can be incorporated into any smart home setup. So, how do smart thermostats make life easier? A main way is through their ease of use.

  1. Smart phone apps allow you to set the temperature of your house from anywhere. Not just that, but there are many other settings that allow you to fine tune the heating and air conditioning in your home to your exact specifications.
  2. In addition to the apps, these thermostats that are connected to your home’s WiFi allow for input from an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod, or any other smart speaker. So now, all you need to do is tell your smart speaker to set the house to a certain temperature and it will. Simple as that!
  3. Some older thermostats are difficult to adjust and don’t offer a great way to read them. With newer, smart thermostats you are getting a great user experience AND a simple user interface.

Benefit Number 2: Programming.

Tied to the ease of use are the programming elements that smart thermostats allow for. What’s great about smart thermostats is that they learn based off your actions and your patterns. This means that the work will be taken out of having to set your thermostat. The device knows the peak hours of when you are home, when you like to blast the AC, and more! It takes this information and sets the house to the ideal temperature at all times of the day. Pair this with motion sensors that can be programmed to run a certain setting when it detects someone is in the room, and programming makes setting the thermostat a breeze!

Benefit Number 3: They save you money.

If making life easier is your top concern, it’s possible your second concern is saving money. Smart thermostats provide a great way to do this!

Smart thermostats are much more efficient than older models, meaning you use less energy when you run the AC or heat. In fact, ecobee, one of the leaders in the smart thermostat field reports that “customers in the US saved up to 26% on their heating and cooling costs” when using one of their smart thermostats (ecobee). In addition, the apps and programming that they allow for play a part in helping you save money. By being able to control your home from anywhere, you can easily turn off the air if you forgot to. Since it knows when you are home or not, it can be programmed to save you money automatically. They do all this and more to help you save on your next bill.

Benefit Number 4: Easily track how much energy you are using.

Smart thermostat apps allow for tracking and alerts about the energy you are using in your home, and any problems that may arise.

If you are curious for ways that you can use even less energy and save even more money, you can track your energy usage — and even play around with settings that will show immediate results as to how it will affect your usage. In addition, you will get alerts if anything goes wrong or if your air is ever having problems getting set.

Benefit Number 5: Save the environment.

If all these benefits weren’t enough, you can live knowing that you are saving our great planet when you install a smart thermostat. When you reduce the amount of energy you use, you are also reducing fossil fuel emissions at the same time. This improves air quality and reduces air pollution.

For more information about smart thermostats, or to find out which smart thermostat is best for you, click here.

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