What Is A Heat Pump Water Heater?

Did you know that your heat pump isn’t just for space heating? That’s right, if you own a heat pump for space heating, you can use it to heat your home’s water as well! Even if you don’t own a heat pump, you can use one as a standalone water heater. So, what is a heat pump water heater? Follow our guide below to find out how one works, the benefits of using one, and determine if heat pump water heating is the right option for you.

How A Heat Pump Water Heater Works

Rather than generating heat on its own, a heat pump water heater works by pulling heat from the air around it and using it to heat water in a storage tank. You can either purchase a heat pump for the sole purpose of using it as a water heater or retrofit your existing system to work with an existing water heater. Because it pulls heat from the air around it, the system must be installed in a space that is between 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit year-round because they pull heat from the air. If it is in a space that is too cold, it will lose efficiency. The warmer the space, the more efficient the system is at heating your water. In addition, there must also be at least 1,000 cubic feet of air space around the system.

What Are The Benefits?

The first major benefit to using a heat pump for your home’s hot water is that they are much more efficient than conventional water heaters. Instead of using more energy to heat the water, they simply transfer heat from air to water. This helps you remain more environmentally friendly while also keeping a few extra dollars in your pocket each month!

Speaking of money, federal and state tax incentives and rebates can help you save in the long run on a heat pump system. These programs make purchasing a system much easier than you may think. While the upfront cost is higher than a conventional system, a heat pump water heater can be much more beneficial in the long run.

How To Determine If Heat Pump Water Heaters are Right For You

Some things that you should consider before making the determination if a heat pump is the right path for you to take include the size of your home/the system, and usage.

First off, make sure you have space for your system. Depending on the size of your house, you may or may not be able to accommodate a heat pump water heater. Determine how many gallons of hot water you use during a typical peak hour during your day and make sure that the “First Hour Rating” of that heat pump matches what you are looking for.

Overall, a heat pump water heater is a great way to efficiently provide hot water for your home. If you can accommodate one, you can save money, energy, and the environment simply by replacing a conventional heater. If you ever have any questions about your water heater, heat pumps, or anything related to HVAC, give us a call at Same Day Plumbing, Heating, Cooling! Any of our certified HVAC professionals will be happy to help you with your needs.

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