Are Wall Mounted Air Conditioner & Heater Combo Systems Worth It?

For many of us, we take our central air and radiant heating/cooling systems for granted, especial on warm summer days where our homes are a perfectly comfortable temperature. But if you own a trailer, extended garage, vacation home, or addition, a traditional HVAC system may not be completely practical or financially viable. Some choose to suffer with the heat as a tradeoff for a heating-only system. Others choose an in-window air conditioning system for the summer months in addition to their heating system. The solution to your problems in either situation may be a wall mounted air conditioner and heater combo.

How Do Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units Work?

Wall mounted (ductless) AC & heating units are a strong alternative for those who are seeking at-home comfort and minimally invasive installation, but how do they work? Essentially, the units act like air filters. The unit brings air into the room and depending on if you want the air heated or cooled, the unit will either absorb the moisture and heat in the air with coolant or heat the air with a heating element.

For many the advisable choice is to install a more modern-style wall mounted air conditioner/ heater combo unit in their home, but is it worth it compared to committing to a full HVAC system install? There are a few pros and cons to consider.

Pros of A Wall Mounted Unit:

Ease of Install

These units are significantly less invasive to install in your home compared to outfitting an existing structure with ducts, a system, vents, and other necessary pieces of a full HVAC system.

Better Home Insulation

Because of being a ductless system, structures with wall-mounted systems tend to keep their temperature better due to the lack of vents and ducts in their walls, meaning more room for insulation.

Units are Cost-Friendly

Both in upfront cost, installation cost, and long-term savings, wall-mounted units are significantly more budget friendly because of how minimally invasive they are on the home, and their small footprint.


Because of their size and design, wall mounted units are better for energy savings. These units have internal thermometers, so they shut off when the room has reached a certain temperature, saving energy. They also can cool / heat a room faster because of the smaller area they have to focus on.

Cons of A Wall Mounted Unit:

Single Room Capacity

Wall mounted conditioners can only treat one room at a time, so they need to be installed in every room that you want temperature controlled. This could become costly or impractical for a building which needs multiple rooms to be a regular temperature.


Because of their small footprint, wall mounted systems must be maintained and cleaned much more regularly than whole-house HVAC systems. Because they’re ductless, the filters in the system need cleaned once a month, and even more often if you smoke or have pets. If this is ignored, you could be sacrificing the long-term health of your unit and your home’s residents.

Overall Temperature Regulation

While the systems do a good job of regulating the temperature quickly, the air temperature can fluctuate with the unit going on and off processing the air, whereas whole-house HVAC systems do a better job keeping your house at a steady temperature.

Regardless of the reason: if you’re looking to make a change, or live in a more efficient household, make sure to consider all available options. There is a solution out there for every scenario, it’s just about what you as a home or building owner are willing tolerate. Ultimately, your own comfort is at stake, so with these systems, it’s best to not make many large sacrifices. Contact Same Day Plumbing, Heating, Cooling today for all of your HVAC needs!

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