Is HVAC Covered Under Home Warranty?

Home warranties can be a popular choice with homeowners to protect against some of the more costly repairs and updates that often come with the territory of home ownership. Especially for new homeowners, a home warranty can offer a certain amount of peace of mind that you’ll be able to stick to a budget, which can be especially helpful if it’s your first time paying a mortgage.

Home warranties can also be helpful for recommending licensed service providers and contractors. Most warranty providers have partners they work with regularly, so you have access to some vetted resources to help you take on repair projects, whether it’s something small like kitchen appliance maintenance or something big — like your air conditioner or furnace.

What Do Home Warranties Cover?

Most home warranty policies are designed to cover major home systems and appliances — things that have a big impact on your home’s comfort and that can be expensive to repair or replace. Though each policy is different, the list generally includes:

  • Major home appliances like refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and washing machines
  • HVAC systems (air conditioner, furnace, etc.)
  • Ducting
  • Water heater
  • Garage door components
  • Electrical systems
  • Plumbing

Is HVAC Covered Under Home Warranty?

The short answer HVAC should be covered under your home warranty, at least in part. The long answer is that it definitely depends on your specific home warranty policy. When you’re looking into coverage with a home warranty, it’s worth your time to make sure it will cover large systems like HVAC.

It’s also important to check your specific home’s components and compare it to different warranties. Heat pumps and mini splits, for example, are HVAC components that can often be excluded from coverage, so if you have one, make sure to shop around for a warranty that specifically mentions coverage for heat pumps and/or mini splits.

Not only will a home warranty help you cover the costs if something major happens to impact your HVAC components, in many cases home warranties can also help pay for system maintenance to help make sure things like your air conditioner and furnace are running at peak efficiency.

At Same Day, we’re experienced at working with home warranties to help you get the most out of your coverage.  For more information about HVAC and home warranties, or keeping your HVAC system running as effectively, and efficiently, as possible, schedule online today or chat with one of our experts (707) 397-9034.

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