When Should I Shut Down My Furnace For The Spring?

As the windows open and signs of spring emerge, it’s also a sign it’s time to prepare your HVAC system, and specifically your furnace, for a well-earned break after a long winter spent keeping your home comfortable. This is an important home maintenance item for your to-do list each season, along with being prepared to either do some light HVAC maintenance yourself, or have a professional help you with any necessary maintenance as the seasons transition. Properly preparing in the spring can help make sure things move smoothly when the weather turns again, and can often spare you more costly HVAC repairs in the long run.

When Should I Shut Down My Furnace for Spring?

The specific and ideal date for turning off your heat for spring and summer will vary depending on where you live and how comfortable you are with colder night temperatures. The general rule of thumb, however, is that once you’re comfortable with the overnight low temperatures without the furnace running, you can probably give it a rest for the season. This might be in March or May, depending on your personal comfort levels and how you prefer your home.

Steps to Safely Shut Down Furnace and HVAC

Many furnaces can easily and safely be turned off by homeowners once the weather warms. The steps to do this vary depending on the type of heat system you have: electric vs. gas, for example. In both cases, the first step is always to make sure the thermostat is set to a low enough temperature so the system is not actively running.

Gas Furnace Shut Down

Once this step is complete, if you have a gas furnace you can extinguish the pilot light or turn the gas valve off.  When doing this, be sure you know which gas valve serves the furnace itself, since you don’t want to turn off gas to any other appliances you may need to use during the summer (like your water heater or stove).  If you have any questions or concerns about shutting down your gas furnace for the spring, you can always give us a call (707) 397-9034 or schedule an appointment online and we’ll happily help you through.

Electric Furnace Shut Down

For electric furnaces there is generally an ‘off’ setting on the thermostat, however you can go the extra step and shut off the circuit that serves your furnace. This will help you save additional passive energy consumption during the spring and summer. Not unlike the gas valve, you’ll want to make sure that the circuit breaker you’re turning off isn’t powering any other appliances in the home you’ll need access to.

Once you’ve cut the power to the furnace system, it’s a good idea to have it inspected to prepare for the next season. After a long winter, there’s a good chance your furnace system may need a little attention, and there’s no better time to have that done than the spring. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation in the fall when the temperatures drop suddenly and you’re waiting for a service technician in the cold.

From checking your filters to full furnace tune-ups, our experienced HVAC professionals can help you make sure your furnace and HVAC is ready for the season ahead. If you have more questions about getting your furnace shut down for spring, or need the advice of an HVAC professional, schedule online or call (707) 397-9034 today.